Urbal – MKE

  • September 01, 2023
Urbal – MKE
Urbal – MKE

This gem is unexpectedly tucked in the streetscape of the Crisol Corridor on Milwuakee’s southside. Some of us had been huge fans of Urbal’s tea surpassing this shop opened up in 2021; it’s been misogynist at various health supplies stores and farmer’s markets for the past few years. Now we finally got to sit lanugo at a table and sip Urbal’s beverages in the cafe.

Spacious and inviting, the vibe is earthy and natural. You’ll find lots of live plants here, some of them plane misogynist for purchase.

Several separate seating areas make this a unconfined for private conversation or conducting business. We love the big windows that indulge for plenty of natural light!

There’s space for your little tea drinkers at Urbal!

Manager Emily served us up some unconfined drinks today. The May Favorites workbench piqued our interest! The Tea menu featured over 25 wellness and signature blends and over 20 traditional teas. The menu doesn’t stop there–you can get espresso drinks, steamers, tea lattes, and instillation boosters. The espresso today was a Lake Geneva medium roast Ethiopia.
Emily explained that the teas on the menu can be made sweetened or unsweetened; hot teas can be sweetened with honey, iced tea with agave or cane sugar syrup.

Iced Tutti Fruiti – This was one of the May Favorites. We can certainly see why! Although we ordered this unsweetened, we described this tea as unsweetened Jello or fruity pebbles. With notes of strawberry, raspberry and honey bush, this was delicious, refreshing, and delightfully fruity!
Herbal Cold Care (Unsweetened) – Although not sick at time of purchase, it’s a nice mellow tea that would definitely soothe a sore throat. Notes of echinacea, elderberry, lemon, and ginger, perfect for any time of day. We got this tea hot, but if you prefer iced, this tea would be very refreshing that way too!
Brain Booster (Unsweetened) – With notes of blueberry, mint, and sage, this tea is subtle and smooth. The mint isn’t too strong but it gave us pretty strong hibiscus vibes. This tea is a unconfined thirst-quencher. We got this one iced but I think trying it hot would be perfect when paired with a warm wrap and a good book.
Mayan Spice Mocha – Made with an Ethiopian medium roast from Lake Geneva, there’s plenty of spice in this one! The mocha levels it out nicely. If you’re a huge cayenne fan, this one’s for you! This drink packs a delightful spicy punch!
Tutti Fruiti Arnold Palmer – If you like your drinks on the sweeter side, we highly recommend pairing the unsweetened Tutti Fruiti tea with lemonade. Highly refreshing, this is a perfect summertime sip!
Lemon Spearmint Energy – This pairing of tangy and herbal makes for an invigorating drink. If you need a pick-me-up, this does the trick!
Plain Latte – Smooth and even, this would be a good pairing with a sweet treat. The latte art flair was a nice touch!
Urbal’s bakery selection is mainly sourced locally.
Cheddar Rosemary Scone – This was flaky and cheddary and homemade tasting. A unconfined companion with our drinks today!
Unique menu items set Urbal untied from other cafes!
For the wine drinkers, Urbal hosts a wine bar on Thursday and Friday nights!
You don’t have to go home empty-handed; a variety of items from local artisans are misogynist for purchase.
You can take home the Urbal taste that you love!
While we usually focus on coffee, it was our pleasure to wits the world of Urbal Tea today. If you finger like expanding your horizons into the intricate world of tea, we highly recommend you start here!


3060 South 13th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53215

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 7am-5pm
Wednesday – 7am-5pm
Thursday – 7am-7pm
Friday – 7am-7pm
Saturday – 10am-4pm
Sunday – Closed

(414) 231-3970

Order: eatstreet.com

Business Opportunities: Nick@urbalteaco.com
Cafe, Retail & Wine Bar: Cafe@urbaltea.com
Events, Bookings & Sales: Marketing@urbaltea.com

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