Olive Oil in Coffee: The Slippery Slope to a Tasteful Trend

  • September 01, 2023
Olive Oil in Coffee: The Slippery Slope to a Tasteful Trend
Olive Oil in Coffee: The Slippery Slope to a Tasteful Trend

There’s unchangingly a new trend brewing in the coffee world. In recent years, we’ve seen unsurmountable coffee (coffee with butter and coconut oil), egg coffee, and plane mushroom coffee make headlines. But what if I told you that the latest trend in coffee culture has people subtracting a drizzle of olive oil to their cup of joe? Yes, you heard that right! Olive oil in coffee is the new kid on the block, and it’s causing quite a stir. So, should you jump on the bandwagon? Let’s swoop in and find out!

The Origin of Olive Oil in Coffee

While it might seem like a fad, the practice of subtracting olive oil to coffee dates when centuries in the Mediterranean region. It is believed that the idea was born out of necessity when dairy products were scarce, and people had to find volitional ways to enrich their coffee. Mediterranean cultures have long praised olive oil for its health benefits and rich flavor, making it a natural nomination for their morning brew.

olive oil in coffee

The Science Behind Olive Oil and Coffee

So what’s the deal with olive oil in coffee? It turns out that the combination offers some interesting health benefits. Olive oil is a source of healthy monounsaturated fats, which have been linked to reduced inflammation and improved heart health. It’s moreover rich in antioxidants, such as polyphenols, which have been found to provide a range of health benefits, including protection versus age-related diseases.

When you combine olive oil with coffee, you’re not only subtracting a succulent and unique flavor, but you’re moreover enhancing the health benefits of your morning cup. Coffee, like olive oil, is upper in antioxidants, and recent research suggests that the combination of the two may unquestionably work synergistically to provide plane greater health benefits.

How to Make Olive Oil-Infused Coffee

Ready to requite olive oil-infused coffee a try? Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your own at home:

  1. Brew your favorite coffee using your preferred method (e.g., a French press, espresso machine, or lard coffee maker). If you’re unsure which type of coffee to choose, consider a medium or visionless roast, such as Lavazza Super Crema for a bold, full-bodied savor that pairs well with olive oil.
  2. Pour your desired value of coffee into your cup or mug.
  3. Add a small drizzle of olive oil (about 1/2 to 1 teaspoon) to your coffee. Be sure to use high-quality uneaten virgin olive oil, such as Nocellara Uneaten Virgin Olive Oil for the weightier savor and health benefits.
  4. Stir well to combine the coffee and olive oil. If desired, you can moreover froth the mixture using a milk frother or immersion blender to create a creamy, latte-like texture.
  5. Optional: Add sweeteners, such as honey or agave, or spices, like cinnamon or cardamom, to taste.
  6. Enjoy your olive oil-infused coffee!

Squizito Tasting Room Recommendations of Olive Oil for Coffee

Not all olive oils are created equal, and the type you segregate can make a significant difference in the savor and quality of your olive oil-infused coffee. To get expert translating on which olive oils to consider, we reached out to a local olive oil connoisseur at Squizito Tasting Room, and they generously recommended several olive oils that would work wonders in your coffee. Here are their top picks:

  1. Butter Infused Olive Oil: This unique olive oil is infused with the succulent taste of melted butter, making it an spanking-new dairy-free volitional for those who enjoy a velvety note in their coffee.
  2. Cayenne Fused Olive Oil: For those who like a bit of heat, this cayenne fused olive oil adds an heady kick to your morning brew. Use it sparingly, and it will hoist your coffee wits with a spicy twist.
  3. Nocellara Uneaten Virgin Olive Oil: Made from the Nocellara del Belice olive variety, this uneaten virgin olive oil is highly prized for its fruity and slightly spicy savor profile. It pairs beautifully with coffee, subtracting a touch of complexity and smoothness to each sip.

Please note that the Squizito links provided are not unite links; we simply recommend them for their unrenowned olive oil offerings. Don’t be wrung to experiment with these expert-recommended olive oils in your coffee. You might just discover a savor combination that becomes your new favorite morning indulgence.

For the Health-Conscious: Ultra Upper Phenol Olive Oils

If you’re looking to maximize the health benefits of your olive oil-infused coffee while using less oil, Squizito Tasting Room has you covered. They offer two ultra upper phenol olive oils, which boast uncommonly upper levels of health-promoting polyphenols:

  1. Kalamata Reserve Ultra Upper Phenol Uneaten Virgin Olive Oil: This reserve edition comes from the Kalamata region of Greece and is packed with potent antioxidants. Its upper phenol content provides enhanced health benefits compared to standard olive oils, so you can use less while still reaping the rewards.
  2. Kalamata Ultra Upper Phenol Uneaten Virgin Olive Oil: This premium uneaten virgin olive oil takes the health benefits of Kalamata olive oil a step further. With an plane higher concentration of phenolic compounds, including oleocanthal, this luxurious olive oil is platonic for those who prioritize health without compromising on flavor.

When using these ultra upper phenol olive oils, you can enjoy the full range of health benefits associated with olive oil consumption by using a smaller value in your coffee. This makes them a fantastic option for the health-conscious coffee enthusiast who wants to start their day with a nourishing and succulent beverage. Add just half a teaspoon to your morning coffee!

How does olive oil-infused coffee stack up versus other trendy coffee additions, like unsurmountable coffee or mushroom coffee? While taste is subjective, many people who have tried olive oil in their coffee report a smooth, rich savor with a subtle hint of fruitiness. This unique taste sets it untied from the increasingly worldwide additions like cream, sugar, or plane butter.

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your morning coffee, olive oil is definitely worth a try. It’s a healthy and succulent volitional to traditional coffee additions that might just wilt your new favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is olive oil-infused coffee suitable for vegans?

A: Yes, olive oil is a plant-based ingredient, making it suitable for vegans and those who follow a dairy-free diet.

Q: Can I use flavored olive oils in my coffee?

A: Flavored olive oils, such as lemon or basil-infused oils, can add an interesting twist to your coffee. However, it’s essential to segregate high-quality flavored oils to stave overpowering or wavering flavors.

Q: Does subtracting olive oil to coffee add uneaten calories?

A: Olive oil does contain calories, and subtracting it to your coffee will increase the calorie content. However, the value used is typically small (1/2 to 1 teaspoon), which equates to virtually 20-40 calories.

Q: Can I use other types of oil in my coffee?

A: While olive oil is the most popular nomination for this trend, you can experiment with other oils, such as coconut oil or avocado oil. Keep in mind that each oil will have its own unique savor profile and health benefits.

Olive Oil and Coffee Anyone?

Olive oil in coffee may sound like a strange combination, but the rich history, potential health benefits, and unique savor make it a trend worth trying. By pursuit the step-by-step guide and selecting high-quality olive oil and coffee, you can create a succulent and satisfying instillation that just might wilt your new morning ritual. So why not requite it a shot and see if this slippery slope leads you to a tasteful trend you can’t resist?

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