🇦🇺 Swan Latte Art – How to make 3 variations | Latte Art Tutorials

Hey guys and gals! We’re back with another video of Swan latte arts with 3 simple variations! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram @_jonooo for more latte arts!

First variation is with Winged tulip base, with 2 base layers similar to Rosetta, then finish off with another Rosetta style wing and head.

Second variation is with alternative winged stacks. Create the base tulip style like normal, then stack the wing alternatively (left right left right etc).

Third variation is the basic tulip swan style. Stack the base like usual, then slightly rotate the cup so it is easier to stack the wings, then rotate back to finish off with the head.

Hopefully this follow-along tutorial on how to make swan latte art will help you out in your barista journey!

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